Multipointed Star


Kelvin Summerhill is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia's Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media program. Prior to attending UGA, Kelvin lived in New York City, where he trained as an actor at some of the city's top acting studios. However, Kelvin's passion for filmmaking led him to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in order to create more opportunities for himself and other diverse artists.

As a graduate of Morehouse College, Kelvin has a strong foundation in liberal arts and a commitment to social justice. He brings this perspective to his work as a filmmaker, striving to tell stories that are authentic and inclusive. Kelvin's acting training also informs his approach to filmmaking, as he understands the importance of character development and nuanced performances.

Overall, Kelvin is a talented and passionate filmmaker dedicated to creating opportunities for diverse artists and telling authentic stories on screen.

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